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Several CcaM faculty, postdocs, and PhD students are presenting new research at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association (ICA).  

Running from May 22nd through May 26th in Seattle, Washington (USA), this annual competitive conference highlights some of the best communication research from around the world.  This year, CcaM researchers will deliver 10 presentations - covering a host of topics ranging from children’s learning from television, to teens’ reception of negative feedback on social media, to the relationship between media use and ADHD-related behaviors among youth.  

CcaM is also proud to note that one of these presentations, titled Development and Validation of a Survey Instrument to Measure Children’s Advertising Literacy, has received a top paper award from the Children, Adolescents, & Media division of ICA. 

The titles and corresponding authors for each presentation are listed below.  If you would like more information about any of these presentations, or would like to obtain a copy of the associated paper, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Congratulations to all of our CcaM members on their excellent research!

List of Presentations and Author Names

1. Adolescents' Comments on Social Network Sites: Who Receives Negative Feedback and Why?
Maria Koutamanis, Helen Vossen, & Patti M. Valkenburg

2. Beyond Cognitive Framing Processes: Anger Mediates the Effects of Responsibility Frames on the Preference for Punitive Measures
Rinaldo Kühne, Patrick Weber, & Katharina Sommer

3. Bodies Exposed: A Content Analysis of Men's and Women's Bodies in Internet Pornography
Marleen Klaassen

4. Development and Validation of a Survey Instrument to Measure Children's Advertising Literacy*
Esther Rozendaal, Suzanna Johanna Opree, & Moniek Buijzen
*Awarded top paper by the Children, Adolescents, & Media division of ICA

5. Development of a Short Measure of Media Multitasking for Adolescents
Susanne E. Baumgartner, Wouter Weeda, & Mariette Huizinga

6. Investigating Adolescents' Sexual Uncertainty: Looking at the Interplay of Sexual Media Use and Individual Dispositions
Johanna M. F. van Oosten, Jochen Peter, & Inge Boot

7. Media Use and ADHD-Related Behaviors in Children and Adolescents: A Meta-Analysis
Sanne Nikkelen, Patti M. Valkenburg, Mariette Huizinga, & Brad Bushman

8. Participatory Cues and Program Familiarity Predict Young Children's Learning from Educational Television
Jessica Taylor Piotrowski

9. The Internet Gaming Disorder Scale
Jeroen S. Lemmens, Patti M. Valkenburg, & Douglas Gentile

10. Validity and Reliability of Media Violence Exposure Measures
Karin Fikkers, Jessica Taylor Piotrowski, & Patti M. Valkenburg

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