multitaskingTeens' near ubiquitous access to communication devices has led to a dramatic rise in media multitasking. It is commonplace to see today's teens sending text messages while watching a movie, or listening to music while doing homework. But what are the effects of this multitasking?

In her dissertation, Juggling with Media. The Consequences of Media Multitasking for Adolescent Development, Winneke van der Schuur sought to answer this question by investigating the way media multitasking influences adolescent development. In particular, after conducting a thorough review of the literature (see Chapter 1), van der Schuur worked with data from 1,440 adolescents to understand how media multitasking influences academic achievement, emotional functioning, and sleep.

In its entirety, the results of her dissertation suggest that media multitasking is less problematic for adolescent development than is often assumed.That said, her work does show that a careful eye towards the relationship between teens' media multitasking, attention problems, and sleep-related problems remains warranted in the years ahead. 

The public defense of this dissertation will be held at 12:00 on February 22, 2018 at the Agnietenkapel. This work was supervised by Professor Patti Valkenburg, Dr. Susanne Baumgartner, and Dr. Sindy Sumter.  A copy of the public summary can be found here

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