Dian de Vries

picture DianDian de Vries is a postdoctoral researcher at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR). After completing her dissertation "Social media and online self-presentation: Effects on how we see ourselves and our bodies" at ASCoR (October 2011 - February 2014), she began a postdoctoral project in the research priority area communication. Her project focuses on the effects of self-presentation on social media on adolescents' psycho-social well-being. She aims to bring together knowledge from different disciplines including (developmental) psychology and pedagogical sciences. In addition, she will organize workshops and symposia in within the research priority area communication.

Dian de Vries received a Bachelor in Health Sciences (cum laude, 2009) and a Research Master in Psychopathology (cum laude, 2011) from Maastricht University. During her graduate studies she gained experience as a psychologist in child and youth psychiatry Herlaarhof, Vught) and as a researcher in eating disorder treatments (Oxford University).

Curriculum Vitae

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