Motives for Internet-Based Identity Experiments


10-item scale that measures three motives for Internet-based identity experiments: social compensation (4 items, Cronbach’s alpha = .85), social facilitation (3 items, alpha = .67, and self-exploration (alpha = .53).


Valkenburg, P. M., Schouten, A.P., & Peter, J. (2005). Adolescents’ Internet-based identity experiments: An exploratory survey. New Media and Society, 7, 383-402.


If I pretend to be someone else on the Internet, I do this...
(Response options: never, sometimes, always)

Social compensation
...to feel less shy.
...because I dare to say more.
...because I can talk more easily.
...to talk more easily about certain topics.
Social facilitation
...to make new friends.
...to more easily get to know people.
...to get a date or a relationship.
...to explore how others react on me.
...to try out how it feels to be someone else.
...because I can think up how I will look.