Online Intimate Self-Disclosure


2x7 item scale that measures self-disclosure to boys and girls, respectively. Alpha's are .93 for online self-disclosure to boys and .93 too for online self-disclosure to girls.


Schouten, A. P., Valkenburg, P. M., & Peter, J. (2007). Precursors and underlying processes of adolescents' online self-disclosure: Testing an "Internet-Attribute-Perception" model. Media Psychology, 10, 292-315.


Please think of a boy/girls with whom you regularly communicate online. Now, indicate how much you tell this boy/girl about the following seven topics...
(Response options ranging from 1 'I tell nothing about this' to 5 'I tell everything about this')

My personal feelings
The things I am worried about
My secrets
Being in love
Moments in my life I am ashamed of
Moments in my life I feel guilty about