Parent-Child Consumer Communication


14-point scale that measures two styles of parent-child communication about consumer issues: concept-oriented consumer communication (7 items, Cronbach’s alpha = .79) and socio-oriented consumer communication (7 items, Cronbach’s alpha = .77). The scale is based on the original Family Communications Patterns scale developed by Chaffee et al. (1971) and has been used among Dutch parents.


Buijzen, M., & Valkenburg, P. M. (2005). Parental mediation of undesired advertising effects.Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 49, 153-165.


Chaffee, S. H., McLeod, J. M., & Atkin, C. K. (1971). Parental influences on adolescent media use.American Behavioral Scientist, 14, 323-340.


We would like to ask you how you deal with your child’s consumer behavior. Can you indicate how often you act in each of the following ways? 
(Response options: never, rarely, sometimes, often)

How often do you tell your child...
Concept-oriented consumer communication
…that every member of your family should have some say in family purchase decisions?
…to give his/her opinion when discussing family purchases?
…to give his/her opinion about products and brands?
…that you respect his/her expertise on certain products and brands?
…that you consider his/her preferences when making a purchase?
…to consider the advantages and disadvantages of products and brands?
…that (s)he can codecide when you make purchases for him/her?
How often do you tell your child...
Socio-oriented consumer communication
…that you know which products are best for him/her?
…not to argue with you when you say no to their product request?
…that you expect him/her to accept your decisions about product purchases?
…which products are or are not purchased for the family?
…which products (s)he should or should not buy?
…that you have strict and clear rules when it comes to product purchases?
…the (s)he is not allowed to ask for products?