PictureAmsterdam3Lara Wolfers (PhD 2021) joined the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) at the University of Amsterdam as an Assistant Professor in 2021. She studies how media and social media are used in the family and how this usage relates to the well-being of the family members. She also studies how media can be used for coping with stress.

Lara previously worked at the Leibniz-Institut fuer Wissensmedien (knowledge media research center) in Tuebingen, Germany, as a PhD student after finishing her Bachelor (University of Mainz) and Master (University of Hohenheim) in Communication Science. Lara received several awards such as the Best Dissertation Award of the Mobile Communication Division of the International Communication Association for her PhD thesis and the Paul-Lazarsfeld Scholarship for an outstanding master thesis with a methods focus from the Methods Division of the German Communication Association.

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