Research Measures

We have created several research measures and shortened or improved existing ones. We often receive emails from researchers who ask for our measures or specific items.  The measures below may all be used free of charge. If you have been able to improve our measures, or can report additional psychometric information, please let us know.

Individual Difference Variables

Adolescent Measure of Empathy & Sympathy (AMES)
Epistemic Curiosity (I/D-YC)
Game Addiction Scale for Adolescents
Love Perception Scale Short-Form for Adolescents
Motives for Internet-Based Identity Experiments
Perceptions of online communication
Self-Disclosure online
Social Media Disorder Scale (SMD)

Media Specific Parenting

Advertising Mediation Scale
Parent-Child Consumer Communication
PPMMS: Perceived Parental Media Mediation Scale for Adolescents
PPMMS suplemental information
Television Mediation Scale

Media Exposure and Processing Scales

Coping Strategies to Reduce Fear From TV
Reality Perceptions of Sexually Explicit Material
Television Induced Fear Scale