Saurabh is an Assistant Professor of Communication Science at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam. Before serving as a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford (Pembroke College), Saurabh received his PhD in education policy (minor in computer science) from Stanford University, where he was a Human-centered AI Fellow, a Stanford Data Science Scholar, and a William R and Sara Hart Kimball Fellow. His prior background spans computer science engineering (BITS Pilani), economics (Stanford), and education (TISS).

Saurabh's research is aimed at quantifying the limits of human knowledge in an increasingly digitized world. Some of his ongoing projects include:

  • Quantifying diversity and incompleteness in information on the internet
  • Studying diversity in global occupation imagery using Google Images and ILO reports
  • Studying diversity in entertainment media using the IMDb corpus
  • Scientometric analyses of communication and media studies
  • ‘Misinfotainment’ and the blurring lines between political and entertainment communication

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