Advertising Mediation Scale


10-item scale that measures two styles of television advertising mediation: active mediation (5 items, Cronbach’s alpha = .80) and restrictive mediation (5 items, Cronbach’s alpha = .73). The scale has been used among Dutch parents.


Buijzen, M., & Valkenburg, P. M. (2005). Parental mediation of undesired advertising effects. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 49, 153-165.


Below you will find a number of questions about television advertising. We would like to ask you how you deal with advertising directed at your child. Can you indicate how often you act in each of the following ways?
(Response options: almost never, sometimes, often)

How often do you tell your child...
Active advertising mediation
…that advertising depicts products as better than they really are?
…that advertising does not always tell the truth?
…that the purpose of advertising is to sell products?
…that not all advertised products are of good quality?
…that some advertised products are not good for children?
Restrictive advertising mediation
…to turn of the television when (s)he is watching commercials
…that (s)he should not watch commercial networks because they broadcast too many commercials?
…to switch to a channel that broadcasts fewer commercials?
…that (s)he should not watch television advertising at all?
…to watch specific networks that broadcast relatively few commercials?