CcaM Director on ‘All Things Video’ Podcast


qualityCcaM Director Jessica Taylor Piotrowski sat down with James Creech to discuss the sunny and dark sides of media on his podcast All Things Video.

All Things Video is a podcast “dedicated to uncovering the past and charting the future of the online video ecosystem”. In this podcast, James speaks with founders and C-level executives of the world’s leading video networks about the key issues shaping the next generation of entertainment.

In this special episode of All Things Video, recorded live at VidCon 2018, Jessica and James discuss the “sunny and dark sides of media.” They address concerns of media addiction and whether media violence leads to aggressive or violent behavior, while also evaluating how digital media can help adolescents develop their social skills and accelerate learning. And finally, they discuss the role of social media platforms in regulating content as well as the part parents and government might play in determining kids’ media exposure.

Now available online, interested listeners can listen to the full interview here as well as check out the podcast for other interested interviews.

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