Virtually Together: CcaM Presents New Research at ICA Conference

It is a unique time globally as all of us cope with the effects of Covid-19. At CcaM, our research and teaching has certainly been affected - but we are finding ways. New methods, new approaches to work-life balance, and a general sensitivity to this unique situation. 

In past years, many members of our CcaM community participated in the annual meeting of the International Communication Association (ICA). This year, again, our members had planned to present their newest scholarship at ICA in Australia. But, the Covid-19 crisis meant that an in-person event was not possible. Organizers of ICA pivoted, and this year, ICA will feature its first VIRTUAL conference. Although different in format, it’s goals - to present some of the communication research from around the world - remain the same. 

This year, CcaM researchers will deliver 9 presentations on a wide array of topics. In addition, CcaM alumni Karin Fikkers - along with CcaM researchers Jessica Piotrowski and Patti Valkenburg - have been awarded the Best Published Article by the Children, Adolescents, and Media Division for their article “Child’s play? Assessing the bidirectional longitudinal relationship between gaming and intelligence in early childhood” published in the Journal of Communication.

If you would like more information about any of these presentations, or would like to obtain a copy of the associated paper, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Congratulations to all our CcaM members on their excellent research!

  1. A Network Analysis of Internet Gaming Disorder Symptoms -  Dongdi Li, Dong Liu, George Aalbers, Jeroen Lemmens, Baijing Hu
  2. A Social Identity Perspective on the Effects of Social Information - Marthe Moller, Rinaldo Kuhne, Susanne Baumgartner, &  Jochen Peter
  3. Adolescent well-being in a digital world -  Ine Beyens, Irene van Driel, Loes Pouwels, Loes Keijsers, & Patti Valkenburg
  4. Caught Them All: Endgame Motivations of Pokémon Go Players - Jeroen Lemmens, Ilse Weergang
  5. Instagram Filtering and Female Body Image -  Lauren B. Taylor, Drew P. Cingel, Sindy R. Sumter
  6. Mobile Data Donations: Assessing Self-Report Accuracy, Sample Biases and Predictive Validity of Mobile News Use - Jakob Ohme, Theo Araujo, Claes H. de Vreese, Jessica T. Piotrowski
  7. More Than Just a Laughing Matter: A Content Analysis of Humor in Teens’ Favorite Entertainment Shows -  Amber van der Wal, Jessica Taylor Piotrowski, Karin Fikkers, & Patti Valkenburg
  8. On sharing and caring: How a robot’s self-disclosure and question-asking affect child-robot relationship formation - Caroline L. van Straten, Jochen Peter, Rinaldo Kühne, & Alex Barco
  9. The association between social media use and well-being among adolescents: An experience sampling study - Ine Beyens, Loes Pouwels, Irene van Driel, Loes Keijsers, & Patti Valkenburg

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