robot aid in therapyStarting January 2017, Caroline van Straten, a graduate of the Research Master program Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University, joined CcaM as a PhD candidate on the ERC project ‘Children and social robots: Towards an integrative framework (CHILDROBOT)’ with prof. dr. Jochen Peter, dr. Rinaldo Kühne, dr. Alex Barco Martelo and Chiara de Jong (PhD candidate). 

Within this project, Caroline will be focusing on relationship formation between children and social robots. Across the 5 years of the project, prof. Peter and his research team will be investigating child-robot interaction, focusing on the antecedents of children’s acceptance of social robots, the consequences of CRI for children’s learning of social skills from social robots and their relationship formation with them, and the processes that explain how and why such effects emerge. Welcome Caroline!