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CcaM faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and PhD students are presenting new research at the 2017 Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap (24 hours of Communication Sciences) in Tilburg on January 26 and 27.  

This conference is a competitive conference featuring communication research from the Netherlands and Belgium. CcaM is proud to have 7 presentations at this year’s conference. 

Titles and authors of each presentation are listed below: 

1.Exploring children’s responses to entertainment using heart rate and skin conductance - Karin Fikkers, Jessica Taylor Piotrowski, and Patti Valkenburg

2.Children’s Violent Media Use and ADHD-Related Behaviors: Assessing Transactional Relationships - Ine Beyens, Jessica Taylor Piotrowski, and Patti Valkenburg

3. Media Multitasking and Attention Problems in Adolescents: Disentangling Within- and Between-Person Effects - Susanne E. Baumgartner, Winneke van der Schuur and Fam Te Poel 

4.Exploring the Long-Term Effects of Academic-Media Multitasking on Adolescents’ Academic Performance - Winneke van der Schuur, Susanne E. Baumgartner, Sindy Sumter, and Patti Valkenburg

5.The Mediating Role of Sympathy in the Relationship between Media Violence and Adolescents’ Social Behaviors - Helen Vossen and Karin Fikkers

6. Adolescents’ Selective Exposure to Different Types of Violent Television Entertainment - Amber van der Wal, Karin Fikkers, and Patti Valkenburg

7. Through the Looking-Glass: The Effects of User Comments on Entertainment Experiences in Response to an Animated Short Film - Marthe Moller