nao red 300x200It’s official! With the recent arrival of several NAO robots, the team for Professor Jochen Peter’s project “Children and social robots: Towards an integrative framework (CHILDROBOT)” at CcaM is complete!

Professor Jochen Peter was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for the project “Children and social robots: An integrative framework”. The project officially launched in January 2017, and since its inception, the team has grown to include two postdoctoral researchers (dr. Rinaldo Kuhne and dr. Alex Barco Martelo) and two PhD Candidates (Caroline van Straten and Chiara de Jong). And now, the team is complete with its newest NAO-bots.

Over the next few years, Professor Peter and his team – including the NAO robots! – will be investigating child-robot interaction (CRI), focusing on the predictors of children’s acceptance of social robots, the consequences of CRI for children’s learning of social skills from social robots and their relationship formation with them, and the processes that explain how and why such effects emerge.

CcaM is looking forward to the years ahead!